Trip Report: San Diego Mar 20

Weeks in: 5
Distance traveled: ~1200 miles
Current location: unfilled.gust.benched[?]

I honestly didn’t intend on staying long in San Diego. My original plan had Los Angeles being the furthest point South that I would go, but there was a concert I...

Trip Report: Los Angeles Mar 13

Weeks in: 4
Distance traveled: ~800 miles
Current location: spent.values.pits[?]

After leaving Santa Barbara last week, I drove straight down to Los Angeles. I’ll admit I was a little nervous… just weeks before I arrived, LA passed a law banning living...

Photos: Behind the Scenes at The Price is Right Mar 7

Hello friends, short update here. I just wanted to share a cool experience I had while I was in LA.

A friend of mine works on the creative team on the acclaimed TV game show The Price is Right. He invited me to visit him at the CBS studios in Hollywood...

Trip Report: Central Coast Mar 5

Weeks in: about 2
Distance traveled: ~550 miles
Current location:[?]

It’s been over a week since I left Big Sur, and I have continued to explore Southern California. After being in the wilderness for my first week, I opted to spend...

Trip Report: Big Sur Feb 21

Weeks in: just over 1
Distance traveled: ~400 miles
Current location: maple.sports.cross[?]

The first week is behind me, and I have returned to the land of reliable Internet and power.

Sunset at Limekiln State Park, with a wave crashing on a rock

I have so much to share with you, so I’ve broken it down into...

And We're Off! Feb 14

Yesterday was my last day as a resident of San Francisco. It was a busy day: I still had to pack some stuff, move some furniture onto the street, clean up the apartment, and load up the van.

Everything that was to be loaded into the vanEverything I brought with me in the van.

It’s absurd how...

First Day of Freedom Feb 9

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

Alan Watts

It’s Friday, and I’m not at work. It’s my first day of unemployment, and one of my last days in San Francisco. The van adventure begins in less...

Thanksgiving in Santa Barbara Nov 27

Me and the van went on our first major trip last weekend — from San Francisco to Santa Barbara — to visit my family for Thanksgiving. It was a weekend of firsts, so come along with me while I share the adventure with you.

my van in front of a mountainscape

The first major event that...

Setting Up a Handheld Radio for Emergencies Oct 26

In part 1 of this series, I wrote about why a San Francisco resident might want to keep a cheap two-way radio with their emergency supplies. In this article I will walk through purchasing and setting up your own radio.

Important note! Talking over a...

I Got a Van! Oct 25

I got a van yesterday. It’s a 1992 Dodge Roadtrek 190 Versatile.

the layout of a Roadtrek 190 VersatileThe internal layout. The front seats spin around, and the rear dinette converts to a queen-sized bed.

My van

Out of all of the vans in the Bay Area, why did I pick this one? Well, a ton of...

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